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Date Speaker Audio Title Time MP3
JMar 05 2017 Pastor Dennis  

 The Power of Sin

24 Mins

March 2017

Feb 26 2017 Pastor Dennis  

 A Shining Example

14 Mins
Feb 19 2017 Wanda  

  Our God- Created Identity

16 Mins
Feb 12 2017 Pastor Dennis  

  A Mature Faith

26 Mins
Feb 05 2017 Pastor Dennis  

 Being Light

22 Mins

February 2017

Jan 29 2017 Wanda  

 God's Request

14 Mins
Jan 22 2017 Pastor Dennis  

 Healing Light
  Click for larger pic.
28 Mins
Jan 15 2017 Pastor Dennis  

 What Are You Looking For
  Click for larger pic.
19 Mins
Jan 08 2017 Pastor Dennis  

 The Secret Has Been Revealed

24 Mins
Jan 01 2017 Wanda  

 Emmanuel - God with Us

14 Mins

January 2017