Birthday Callers

Several volunteers share phoning members with well wishes on their birthday.

Clerical Helpers

Assisting in the office including collating and stapling of Annual Report and Broadcaster, assembling worship service handouts, cutting communion cards and other miscellaneous office duties.

Funeral Serving Groups

Preparing and serving lunch for funerals with clean up to follow.

Skilled Workers

Maintenance of church facility and parsonage as need arises. Such tasks include plumbing, carpentry, electrical and fixing of equipment and buildings.

Hospitality Hosts

Setting up and serving refreshments at various functions such as Enlighten Time, followed by cleanup.

Information Technology Team

Maintenance and troubleshooting of computer equipment and software in ound room and staff offices.


Meets Tuesday afternoon (September to May) to make quilts and baby bundles that are sent to Canadian Lutheran World Relief as well as to individuals in need in our community.

Sunday School

Teacher Prepare and deliver lessons, using Sunday School curriculum, to teach children ages 3 to 11 about God and Jesus. Sunday School instruction is from 9:30 am to 10:10 am on Sundays, September to May.

Helpers Assist the Sunday School teachers in the classroom.

Vacation Bible School

Assisting at VBS in a variety of ways including storytelling, crafts, games, kitchen helpers, guides, acting and music.


Homebound and Hospital Visiting
Caregiving and comfort to hospitalized and homebound members.

Home Communion Ministry
Administration of consecrated sacraments to members who are unable to attend worship service.

Church Council

Consists of the following positions: Boards of Elders, Trustees and Deacons, chairperson and vice-chairperson (who are elected from one of the above boards), secretary, financial secretary, assistant treasurer, and treasurer.

Elders Are entrusted with assisting the pastors in the spiritual development and education of members through program implementation and support.
Trustees Are responsible for stewardship and maintaining and protecting the church building and parsonage.

Deacons Seek to involve members in worship and service.

Chairperson Presides at council and congregational meetings, as well as prepare the meeting agenda in consultation with the Lead Pastor.

Vice-chairperson Presides at meetings when the chairperson is absent.

Secretary Keeps the minutes of the council meetings.

Treasurer / Assistant Treasurer Are entrusted with the funds of the congregation including receiving and disbursing such funds. The treasurer also makes financial reports of financial transactions.

Financial Secretary Maintains records of and issue receipts for all contributions.

Position terms range from 1 to 3 years.