The Brick Mosaic

These symbols were used by the Christian Church, from the 2nd Century, being associated with Rev. 4:6-7 and Ezek. 1:5-12
Mr. Hubert Garnier, sculptor, was commissioned by our architects to do the brick mosaic of the four Evangelists.

St Matthew

"Jesus said to him, You have said so.  But I tell you, hereafter you will see the Son of man seated at the right hand of Power, and coming on the clouds of  heaven."
Matthew is depicted as a winged man because he wrote much about Jesus as the "son of man" and the wings represent Jesus' divinity.

St Mark

St. Mark is shown as a winged lion. He brings his Gospel by writing about St. John the Baptist as "the voice of one crying in the wilderness".

If you ever hear a lion crying out in the wilderness you will never forget it.  We won't forget the Gospel message of St. Mark either.

Jesus descended from the tribe of Judah -- and the lion was the symbol of this tribe.

St. Luke

The ox with wings is a symbol of St. Luke. You remember that oxen were sacrificed in the old testament. Luke tells us of the priestly sacrifice that Christ brought for all the people.

The Ox reminds us of this.  The wings tell us that Jesus rose from the dead after His sacrifice and went to be with His Father in heaven.

St. John

The eagle is a symbol for St. John.  This is because the early Christians said that the Gospel of John "soared on eagle's wings from the beginning to the end."

John tells us much of the deity of Jesus "whose days are an eternal youth renewed like the eagle's."